How Much Does it Cost to be Iron Man?

urlDon’t tell me that you haven’t asked that question at least once while looking forlorn into your online banking accounts.  Or maybe that’s just me on a bi-weekly basis.  Well wonder no more, for our friends over at put together a fantastically nerdy graph on what to work towards with your personal investments.  And as a bonus, they priced out Batman too!

At our staff meeting this morning, me and the other MIDWEST M’s threw together our net worths just to figure out that we can only afford the interior lining of Iron Man’s jocular cup.  Never to be discouraged, we factored in the MWTVG ad-revenue account to find that we also have the option of adding one of the carbon fiber bat-nipples from that horrendous bat-flick with Mister Freeze.  Now if I could only get my 65 million shares of subpenny stocks to start moving, I can leave MIKE and MO in the dust of my JARVIS-powered rocket boots.

Now some of the more astute members of our fandom might wonder why I report on this when it’s not technically related to TV.  I say au contraire to you sir!  I watch them on my TV all the time.

Now to all of the multi-billionaires out there (you know who you are!!), since I have not been seeing little Iron Men flying around on the news, I insist that you are spending your money wrong.  I will volunteer to put it to much better use.

Head inside to see all sorts of awesome.


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  1. Your post got me thinking so I went through all the couches last night and think we now have enough money to buy the entire collection of The Ambiguously Gay Duo. I figure we can start small and keep bartering with people till we get the Bat Mansion.

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