How Does Undercover Boss Still Fool Anyone?

Ok so UNDERCOVER BOSS has been on TV for a couple of seasons now.  The first season was fresh and new and it was really interesting.  We saw some amazing things and some shocking things, Remember Hooters:


The manager in this video didn’t get fired either BTW.  Pretty shocking but, that’s not the point.

The point of this show is that the big boss of some company goes undercover to see what it’s like to work for their company at the lowest level.  In the beginning, this was a great idea.  It was funny to see how the CEO worked on the production line and it was great to see them admit how hard those low level jobs are.

The problem with this show though is that by now, how is anyone fooled?  You have to be a world class idiot to not understand what is happening now.  Ok so you are working at whatever sucky job you have and this new hire shows up to get trained in your job but here’s the thing, they have a camera crew with them.  Can you not figure this out?

And how about the people that are selected to work with the undercover CEO?  At first you were amazed by their story because each and every one of them had some kind of horrible story that made you feel like your life was amazing in comparison.  After a few episodes though, it got to be pretty monotonous.

How do they find these people?  Does the company put out a survey and ask their employees to tell us all of the horrible things that have happened to you in your life?  How would you like to be on the committee that has to decide who will get to be with the undercover boss?  How do you make that choice?

This show is on CBS, and we all know how we at MWTVG feel about CBS, they don’t cancel anything.  They won’t cancel this show either because it doesn’t take any brain power to watch it and I’m sure that it is cheap to produce since I imagine the companies that are featured on the show pay to be there.

Cheap and easy to watch?  That is a recipe for a CBS hit that won’t be going away any time soon.