House of Cards Most Watched Show on Netflix

house of cardsI just wrote about House of Cards a couple of days ago and look at this, Neftlix announced that House of Cards is the #1 watched show or movie on their service.  Coincidence?  I think not.  Netflix’s Chief Content Officer (CCO? Is that really a title?) Ted Sarandos announced the success of House of Cards at D: Dive in to Media on Feb 12.  When did I post my article about House of Cards?  On Feb 12.  Surely you can see what is going on here.

So it seems that Sarandos believes that House of Cards has been successful because the show is a well-written and brilliantly acted political drama starring Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright.  No where does he mention the support of MWTVG and our masses of fans that have clearly influenced the numbers.  Just look at the time line.  Netflix, in another brilliant move, puts all 13 episodes of season 1 of House of Cards online on February 2.  On February 12, MWTVG posts about House of Cards and gives it a must-watch recommendation.  On the same day, Netflix announces that House of Cards is their most watched show on Netflix.

I think our case is clear.  Why no mention of the success of House of Cards on February 11?  Because clearly the show hadn’t yet risen to most popular status.  Well we are on to you Netflix.  We are letting you know now that when Arrested Development starts airing in May, that we will be expected to receive full credit for the viewership numbers as we have already let our hordes of fans know about the show.

We’re on to you Netflix.