Hot Actress Of The Day

Every day in around the web we feature a hot actress of the day.  Lest you think we are only a bunch of perverts over here (we are) let’s look behind the curtain as to why we do this.

We get comments from our 6-8 followers who tell us the only reason they even come to our site is to see who we have featured that day.  I guess it still shocks me that guys are using the internet to look at hot chicks.  Also, while we love what we do, we are trying to make some money over here and when you click on the links it helps make our site more relevant in Google.

All of that said, we could use some help over here.  As of today, we’ve featured over 200 actresses.  Let us know if there are any actresses you find attractive that we could feature.  Remember, if she’s pretty well known, chances are we have already featured her.

If you can come up with 10 names that we have not used, we’d love to send you a MWTVG t-shirt.  Be the first one on your block to be too embarrassed to be seen in our t-shirt.