Homework Still Sucks

For our newer readers, I posted awhile back on the trials and tribulations of helping my 10 year old son write a realistic fiction paper.  As many of you commented about similar situations and experiences, I know you are all waiting on pins and needles to see how I/we did.

Well, I may not be smarter than a 5th grader, but I am happy to say I/we got a 92% on our/his paper.  Still though, one of the teachers comments is going to haunt me (at least until the next homework assignment).

She said, “Your paper lacks any kind of plot and the ending is abrupt.”

It was 4 pages long double spaced.  What was she looking for here?  I guess I could have developed a more formidable protagonist,  or maybe dug a little deeper into the psyche of the main character.  You know really get to the bottom of what makes him tick.

Oh, even better, I could have gone 50 Shades of Grey with it.  You know, added a pointless steamy sex scene with graphic detail.  I bet you don’t see that every day in a 5th grade paper.

I have no other choice now but to live with my/our grade.  I will take the teacher off my run over with a car list, for now…

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  1. Funny stuff! Well, considering your paper lacked a plot and ended abruptly, you should be thrilled with a 92%. Way to go, Midwest Mo and son!

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