Hi everybody!

Hi everybody! (and if you don’t know the next line you might not watch enough television). So I had this big long fancy intro written a few weeks ago. And then I find out there’s all these rules for publication and blah blah blah I’m a procrastinator. So I thought I’d finally introduce myself, let you know a little about me, and hopefully cause you to fall madly in love, read all my posts, favorite MTG, and be the chairman of my fan club. Good plan, yes? Yes.

My name is Erienne. Good luck figuring out how to pronounce that. As Trey has mentioned in one of his posts, I’m the 20-something Around the Web writer that has questionable music taste. Sue me. What you should take into consideration, is that Trey is my uncle, and Mike is my father, and whatever musical influences I have, probably came from them at one point or another. Oh, and if you couldn’t tell, I’m definitely female. That might skew the whole “middle aged white midwestern man” theme a bit, but what can ya do?

As far as TV goes, well I watch way too much of it. For a while I could justify it by saying my dad writes for a TV blog but let’s be real here, TV is great. I have a few shows that I absolutely HAVE to watch, like So You Think You Can Dance. I catch that every week because it’s amazing. I also have a catagory of “guilty pleasure” shows that are absolutely terrible and I cannot stop watching. Anything on TLC falls into this catagory. Currently, the show to watch is Return to Amish. It’s so bad. Seriously, look at this video of it: Return to Amish Promo. So if that sort of trainwreck strikes your fancy, we might just get along.

As a college student and a full time worker, I don’t always have the time or the energy to watch current shows. What I somehow always have the time for, however, is to binge watch a Netflix show at an unreasonable pace. Not to mention some of my favorite shows were cancelled (Firefly) or should have been cancelled (Supernatural) and I can only get them online.

TL/DR? Here’s the scoop: I’m the daughter of one writer and niece of the other, I watch too much TV, and the genre is kind of all over the board. I’m clearly an excellent writer, as my dad’s good friend can attest. I’m pretty cool guys, seriously. So if you have suggestions for me, shows you wish I’d watch/review, etc., please don’t be shy sending me a message. You can find me here or Facebook. Now get back to work. Slackers.