HBO Scores with Behind the Candelabra

la_ca_0506_candelabraDid you watch HBO’s Behind the Candelabra?  Judging from the ratings, many of you did.

2.4 million people watched Behind the Candelabra on Sunday night, the most for an HBO original movie in nealy 10 years.  HBO hasn’t seen this many viewers for one of their original movies since 2004s Something the Lord Made garnered 2.6 million viewers.

Based on the 1988 book by Scott Thorson, Behind the Candelabra documents the relationship between Thorson and Liberace.  I reviewed it on Sunday after watching it and have since watched it again and I still feel that it was just ok.  I’ve heard from many who thought it was fantastic but I think that is probably based more on politics than he actual content or performances.

If you haven’t seen Behind the Candelabra yet and you have HBO, don’t worry, it will be replayed 640,000 times so you wil be able to catch it.  It is certainly worth at least a watching.