Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

From all of us at MWTVG to all the members of our armed services both veteran and fallen (and active/reserve, for that matter), thank you.  Without your constant bravery and sacrifice, we could never do what we do on our humble little blog as we float around in the proverbial aether of the world wide web.

For whatever reason, holiday weekends come fraught with some confounding decisions by networks regarding their shows.  For example, HBO chooses to show BEHIND THE CANDELABRA instead of GAME OF THRONES (three guesses as to what I’m not watching tonight…)  STARZ didn’t even play an episode of DA VINCI’S DEMONS on Friday!  Now that SUPERNATURAL is over and GoT/DvD only has two episodes left, I find myself in an awkward and unknown position where I need to choose new shows to watch (and choose them wisely) before the great standbys return in September-October timeframe.  My money is on ALMOST HUMAN, RAY DONOVAN and MAGIC CITY (which I never knew about until recently when I discovered I was one season behind… Chalk it up to never having STARZ before…)

With a GAME OF THRONES-shaped hole in my heart this weekend, here are a couple of Jaime Lannister-centric videos to tide us over ’till next week.  NIKOLAJ COSTER-WALDAU has been simply terrific this season, and it’s great to see how he was once a humongous douchebag and now he is painted in an entirely different light as he realizes where his priorities lie.


Doing a bit of compare/contrast here, let’s see how awesome he can still be sans hand…