Is Happy Endings Returning?

happy endings returning

One of my favorite shows of the last 5 years that was cancelled way too soon just might be making a come back. There is a rumor going around the internet right now that Happy Endings might be returning after it was cancelled in 2013 by the morons at ABC.

This cryptic tweet by one of the writers of Happy Endings started the rumors:

happy endings returningHappy Endings returning would be fantastic news. I would love if this is true. Lots of things need to happen for this to fall in to place so let’s take a look at what’s going on.

First, Happy Endings was an ensemble cast of six people. All six people moved on to other projects after the show was cancelled by the morons at ABC. Don’t they all have to leave their current projects for a Happy Endings returning story to actually come true?

Adam Pally (Max). He was on Mindy Project but it’s been announced that he has left the cast. That’s one down.

Damon Wayons Jr. (Brad) is on New Girl but it’s also just been announced that he is leaving the show at the end of the current season. That’s two down.

Eliza Coupe (Jane) is on Benched but I just found out today that Benched has been cancelled by the morons at USA Network. While I loved that show and am incredibly disappointed that it’s been cancelled, it frees her up to make a return to Happy Endings. That’s three down.

Zachary Knighton (Dave) was on Parenthood but that show just ended it’s run leaving him free for other projects. That’s four down.

The last two are currently working on active shows.

Casey Wilson (Penny) is on the absolutely awful NBC comedy Marry Me. That show is amazingly terrible. The Cancellation Bear has Marry Me in the guaranteed to be cancelled range so it’s just a matter of time for that show. That would free up Wilson for a Marry Me return.

That leaves us Elisha Cuthbert (Alex). She is working on an NBC comedy that has yet to even premiere called One Big Happy. The premise of the show is that a lesbian and her straight guy friend decide to have a baby together. One Big Happy doesn’t even premiere until March 17 which shows the kind of faith that NBC has in the show. Judging from the premise and the fact that NBC put it off for as long as they could, I wouldn’t predict a long life for this show. Also, it’s on NBC. They absolutely suck at comedy so I think we can safely assume that this show is going to fail.  That would free up the final piece in the Happy Endings puzzle.

The tweet from one of the writers and the sudden availability of just about all the cast leads me to believe that Happy Endings just might be returning. The show has received a ton of buzz since it’s cancellation and a New Year’s marathon of all 57 episodes run by VH1 last year garnered solid ratings.  Let’s hope that this show makes a comeback. It got cancelled way too soon.

If there is more news, we will be sure to let you know.  In the mean time, let us know what you think. Were you a fan? Would you be happy to see this show make a comeback? Let us know.

happy endings returning