And the Hannibal Season 2 Premiere Date is…

…about 70 days too far away.  On February 28th we will see what happens to Will Graham now that he is on the wrong end of the jail cell after Dr. Lecter pulled off his master-stroke of framing him for all the murders.

HANNIBAL was an ultra-great surprise when the series premiered early in 2013.  Equal parts gorgeous and unsettlingly gruesome, I was highly skeptical that it would even work in the first place because how can you possibly replace ANTHONY HOPKINS in such an iconic role??  MADS MIKKELSEN positively nailed it and it was a bold move on NBC’S part to go full monty with the subject matter.

The scene where Hannibal toasts his dinner company and says “before we begin, I must warn you.  Nothing here… is vegetarian” was rewound at least five times because it was so well done.  Every episode had its own unique elements and when it churns my stomach, you know it’s pretty intense.

Creator BRYAN FULLER has outlined this show for around six or seven seasons, so there is tons of potential for a long running series.  The only thing needed now is more viewers.  It was only barely renewed last year mostly due to the fact that it is inexpensive for NBC to air.  Hopefully with its fancy new Friday night timeslot, it can attract a solid amount of viewership for its second season.

Watch.  This.  Show.  Anybody who is remotely a fan of the subject matter or horror-themed television in general will not be let down.  Just go into it with a strong stomach, because it is not for those of weak constitution.

Enjoy the first official teaser poster below!