Hannibal Ratings Week 2

thumbnail-150x150Now that HANNIBAL has firmly planted itself in my “favorite new show” category, I follow each week’s ratings with quite a bit of interest.  New network shows are notorious for being cancelled quickly, especially those stuck in a Thursday night time slot.

I know what you’re thinking… “MIDWEST MARK, all you talk about lately is HANNIBAL.  What gives??”  Allow me to answer your imaginary hypothetical with the following two points:  A) it’s the best new show I’ve seen in quite a while.  Although we are only two episodes in, I don’t see how it can possibly decline with the talent at hand.  B) I’m too damn tired to write about anything else right now.  Sure, I could whip something up about the series premiere of DA VINCI’S DEMONS on STARZ, but it would take too long.  I have 7.5 hours of sleep calling my name.

(You’ll hear all about DA VINCI’S DEMONS tomorrow)

Anyway, I am very happy to report that not only did the ratings of HANNIBAL stay even-keel with the premiere, it ticked up slightly by .02 mil.  I personally take responsibility for at least .0001 of that .02 mil.  You’re welcome, NBC!  In comparison, their two past Thursday night flops lost around 33% of their viewership immediately.  This bodes well for a full season of HANNIBAL and possibly even a renewal when all is said and done.  Great news indeed!