NBC’s Hannibal Premiere Ratings

0404F_HannibalMadsMikk_70p[1]Quick news on what might very well end up being my new favorite show, HANNIBAL seemed to hold its own in the Thursday 10/9c timeslot of death as it premiered to a 1.6 adults rating with 4.36 million viewers.  In comparison, NBC’s DO NO HARM widely regarded as one of the worst series premiere ever for the network came in at a .9 rating with 3.1 million viewers. 

So while HANNIBAL’S viewership was not spectacular, at least it came in above expectations. 

Another apt comparison would be AWAKE that ran last year in a similar timeframe that started at a 2.0 with 6.24 million viewers but steadily declined to cancellation.  My hope is that viewership for HANNIBAL steadily rises with the word of mouth on how awesome it is.  That plus me leveraging my massive influence in the industry, I think we can work together to make the 4.36 million more like 4.360008 million.

My point?  Please watch this show.  For fans of THE FOLLOWING (which there are plenty), this is right up your alley (minus the strange gay threesome stuff that pulled the first few episodes of THE FOLLOWING down).

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  1. Millerkiller // April 8, 2013 at 2:41 pm //

    After finally watching this premiere this morning I was a bit…..disappointed. There were some good moments of intrigue and I want to hope for more, but it did not hook me like The Following pilot did(although that did decline drastically and has been a roller-coaster of good and bad each week.) Here’s hoping for a steady improvement and a new tv addiction….

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