Gypsy Sisters

Gypsy Sisters premiers tonight on The Learning Channel.  This channel has really gotten away from it’s initial mission, unless of course their mission is every child left behind.

Here is a little excerpt from TLC about the show.  Martinsburg, West Virginia is a hotbed of Gypsy culture and intrigue. With their husbands constantly on the road for work, the women are expected to stay home, cook, clean, and raise the children. When they’re not busy doing household chores and working to look their best, they keep themselves entertained by involving themselves in each others lives – whether they’re welcomed or not.

What is going on down in West Virginia?  You got the Buckwild kids running a muck all over the place.  Now, if the press release is to be believed, there is a hotbed of gypsy activity in West Virginia.  Obviously, they can’t have a show about dentists or family planning based in West Virginia, but Gypsies?

Every time I think we’ve reached the bottom, somebody gets a bigger shovel and starts digging.  Anyway, here is a preview of what to expect on tonight’s show.