As my co-contributor pointed out in his post about THE MIDDLE, what he likes about the show is that he feels as though the show is following him around.  I think that’s what we like about TV, people better looking and more interesting than us going through the same things we face.

All that to talk about last nights episode of GUYS WITH KIDS.  First, it’s filmed in front of a live studio audience.  Why would anyone do that?  It’s not a talk show.  Second, the situations on the show are ridiculous. And third, most of the actors are over acting.  I blame the live studio audience for that.

Here is one of last nights dilemmas – 2 guys are talking about an issue at one of their apartments.  The guy who doesn’t live in that apartment pours himself a bowl of cereal and eats it while they have their discussion.  Shortly thereafter, it turns out the milk he used was in fact breast milk from the guy who lives in the apartment ex-wife.  From there, hilarity ensues.

On what planet did this happen?  For the most part, I don’t go over to my friend’s houses and start eating their food.  If I did and I wanted cereal, I normally go for the milk that is in a labeled container.  I don’t often drink milk out of Tupperware.  But that’s just me.

That was just one of last nights ridiculous premises in this show.  They need to end this show so I can stop watching.