Greatest Hits of 2012


Now that 2012 is over and we are fully in to 2013, we feel that it is a good time to take a look back at the long history of MWTVG (3 months BTW) and give you some of the posts that we felt were our best of 2012.  Every other site out there is doing it, and since we are very open about not having any integrity whatsoever, we will hop on that bandwagon happily.  Here it is ladies and gentlemen, our greatest hits of 2012.


  • People love theme songs even though shows aren’t doing them anymore.  Well BEN & KATE has one of the better theme songs out right now.  (Ben & Kate)
  • Ladies were a big part of our site this year and we have no idea why.  Well, we tried to write some stories that only a female could like.  Here is one.  (Love It Or List It)
  • There is a million dollar reward for anybody who definitively finds Bigfoot.  I called on our then 7 readers to help put a team together to find the sasquatch.  It didn’t take long for one of our short bus followers to send in a map with the location.  We win suckers.  (Finding Bigfoot)


Well, how does one choose what were their greatest hits of 2012?  I’m having such difficulty because I am in love with all of my posts and choosing 3 of the best is like trying to choose your favorite children.  But, I am a professional, and when I am asked to do my best of, I will deliver.  So ladies and gentlemen, here are three of my posts that I feel the best about from 2012:

  • Everyone likes to talk about hot women.  It turns out that people love to talk about hot women that are moms even more.  (TV’s Hottest Moms)
  • In the theme of hot women, it turns out that people love to talk about those women that are more experienced and still smoking hot.  Look, it’s TV.  If you are under 30, being hot is not a surprise, it’s a given.  Let’s show the love again for the ladies that are keeping it smokin’ after 40.  (TV’s Hottest Women Over 40)
  • I would not leave 2012 without talking about one of our most popular commercial posts.  FYI, we were the first place on the internet to ever talk about this product.  The commercial is horrifying and will go down in history as one of the most memorable on TV.  (Callous Clear)


  •  We like to talk about commercials here at MWTVG and we really love infomercials.  One night when watching late night TV, I stumbled upon this gem of a commercial and a star was born.  (The Usell Guy)
  • Who would have thought that posting a story about the Usell Guy would have garnered any attention.  Well little did we know that not only would people take notice, but the Usell Guy himself would take notice and give us our first celebrity comment.  (The ballad of Bobby Milliken, The Usell Guy)
  • As the guy that covers Sons of Anarchy here at MWTVG, I would be remiss if I didn’t include my post discussing the end of another brilliant season of Sons.  (The Sons)


There you have it folks.  Our greatest hits of 2012.  Thank you to everyone who stops by to read our little blog.  We have grown quite a bit in the months since we started this and it couldn’t have happened without you the reader.  We are looking forward to keeping you entertained in 2013.  New shows are staring in January so be on the lookout for our thoughts.  We will be sure to share them with you whether you want us to or not.