The Greatest Event in TV History Part 3

greatest event in tv historyI like things that are funny and Adam Scott’s Greatest Event in TV history series is very funny. If you are not familiar with this series, it’s just Adam Scott (Parks and Recreation) and a who’s who of the comedy world doing remakes of old TV show intros. There have already been two. The first old TV show they took on was one of my favorites back in the day, Simon and Simon.

If you don’t want to watch the lead up (and you should because that is all very funny), skip ahead to see the result. If you know the show, you know that they knocked this out of the park.

Adam Scott wasn’t done with Simon and Simon. We got a round 2 of the greatest event in TV history this time Hart to Hart was the subject. Again, if you know Hart to Hart, you know that they killed the remake. It’s so simple yet so brilliant.

Still, Scott and company are not done. We have now been given a 3rd greatest even in TV history. Host Jeff Probst starts off telling us that he feels bad saying they haven’t yet delivered on the greatest part of the promise so now there is a name change. This is a long video and I know most of you have serious ADD so if you don’t want to watch the hysterically funny behind the scenes creation video, and you really should, just skip to 15:45 and you can watch the remake of the intro for Too Close For Comfort.