Great TV Show Theme Songs

Remember when TV shows had great theme songs?  There was a time when every show had a theme song that was more than just 5 seconds long.  TV show theme songs were an art form.  Like I said about only having 10 funny guys for a best of list, the TV theme show list is just as difficult to narrow down.

Sesame Street


Gilligan’s Island

This one is an early version…can you tell what about this one I posted makes it one of the early ones (hint: it’s not that it’s a colorized version of the old black and white either).



Man what a great theme song this is…


The Monkees

If you stayed home sick from school in the late 70s to early 80s, you were guaranteed to be watching the Monkees…


The Andy Griffith Show

More stay at home sick classic TV


Welcome Back Kotter





WKRP in Cincinnati


Hawaii 5.0

Not the garbage one that is on TV now.  I’m talking the Jack Lord classic.


The Dukes of Hazzard



This is the best that there is.  The lyrics for this were written by Mike Altman who was the son of the original movie’s director Robert Altman when he was 14 years old.  Mike Altman has made more money from this song than his dad made directing the original movie.


I know I have left many, many great theme songs out.  I’ll do more over the coming weeks so I don’t leave them out.  There really are a lot of great ones out there from the glory days of TV.