Good & Bad News

First the good news.  NBC has decided to hold off premiering WHITNEY.

Now the bad news.  NBC has decided to hold off premiering COMMUNITY.

I was reading around the blogosphere and it appears the reasoning is that the shows were set to air on Fridays beginning October 19th, but NBC has spent all its time promoting their other new shows.  If they put them on now with out any promotion, it is a sign of effectively giving up on them.

Now the speculation is that NBC is waiting to see how their other shows like ANIMAL PRACTICE and THE MINDY PROJECT do before making a decision.

To sum up, COMMUNITY and COUGAR TOWN are not currently on network TV and 2 BROKE GIRLS and MIKE AND MOLLY continue on.  I know it does not quite rise to the level of the Mayans are right, but if there is a 3rd season of 2 BROKE GIRLS, I think we are doomed.