Golden Globe Nominations Announced

house of cardsThe Golden Globe nominations have been announced. We don’t really cover movies here so we don’t have much to say about the movie side of the Golden Globes except that Eddie Murphy seemed to have it right in Bowfinger.

Most of the TV nominations were not a surprise but there were some interesting things that happened with the Golden Globe nominations this year.

One of my favorite shows of the year, House of Cards, came away with 4 nominations including a nomination for best drama, Kevin Spacey for best actor, and Robin Wright for best actress. Wright has a pretty good chance of winning her category but I feel sorry for Spacey this year. His performance in House of Cards is amazing but he is going up against Brian Cranston’s epic performance in the final season of Breaking Bad. Cranston is hands down the winner in this category. Spacey will be back next year.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine surprised me by getting a nomination in the best TV comedy category. I wrote a rant about this show because not many of you are watching it and apparently the critics, well the foreign press ones anyway, agree with me. The show is funny and you should be watching it. It doesn’t have any chance at all of winning being in the same category as Big Bang Theory and Modern Family, but it’s nice to see a show like Brooklyn Nine-Nine get some recognition.

Nominating Andy Samberg for his role on Brooklyn Nine-Nine is a lazy pick by the Golden Globe folks. The show certainly deserves the nomination but picking Samberg is just the Hollywood Foreign Press picking the face of the show. The person who really deserved the nomination from that show is Andre Braugher.

Michael J. Fox received his first Golden Globe nomination for his role in The Michael J. Fox show. The only thing I can think of for why this could possibly happen is that this is a sympathy nomination from the Golden Globe folks. That show is absolutely awful and he is insufferable on the show.

If you are interested in our picks for who is going to win this year’s Golden Globe awards, be on the lookout for our podcast coming soon. We will discuss the nominations and our picks.

The Golden Globe awards airs on January 12 on NBC and will be hosted by Tina Fey and Amy Poehler.