The Goldbergs Premiere

the goldbergsThe Goldbergs premiere was tonight on ABC.  Midwest Mark (yes he’s back ladies) will be talking about Agents of Shield so I will talk about The Goldbergs premiere.  The things I do.  Did any of you watch tonight?  Head inside for my thoughts.

I admittedly went in to The Goldbergs with low expectations.  The show is set in the 80s and if you remember the horribly ill-fated That 80s Show experiment, you can understand why I didn’t have high hopes.

So what to think of this show?  Well, it’s not bad.  I think the producers and writers are going to need to get away from any 80s stuff pretty quickly.  That gimmick won’t make the show survive.  If you remember That 70s Show, after the first few episodes, there were very few references to the 70s in the show.  That 70s Show was good because of the cast and the stories being told.  If The Goldbergs want to survive, that is what they have to do as well.

I think that it has a chance to do that.  Think of The Goldbergs as The Wonder Years set in the 80s.  The Goldbergs is a story about the family told by one of the kids who is now grown up acting as the narrator (narrated by Patton Oswalt).  Similar to The Wonder Years right?

The best parts of the show so far are the parents played by Jeff Garlin (Curb Your Enthusiasm) and Wendy McClendon-Covey (Reno 911).  George Segal plays the grandpa and seriously, is George Segal 100 yet?  He’s mildly funny but mostly uncomfortable.  I don’t want to watch a show where old people are talking about hooking up.

I came away from The Goldbergs premiere with mostly positive feelings.  I’ll keep watching and am hopeful that they get this right.  It has the potential to be a very good family comedy.

The Goldbergs airs on ABC Tuesdays at 8:00.  Here is the preview in case you have missed it: