Girl Meets World-Premier

girl meets world

So I was pretty excited about Girl Meets World. I had been a fan of the original show Boy Meets World back in the day and had high hopes for a spin off involving Carey Matthew’s daughter. I had a few reservations knowing that the character in question is a junior high girl (and we all know how awful tween girls are), but I was still foolishly excited. I don’t even know where to start. I’m not sure if my burning hatred is because of all the hype and subsequent let down, or if some part of me knows that my dislike of the entire premise of the show is because I am no longer a tween girl. Watching this show drives home that I am an adult and, having no tween children of my own, I am not remotely the audience this show is aimed for. To be fair, the original episodes of Boy Meets World aired in 1993 and those people grew up and probably have kids that would love to watch this iteration. However, Girl Meets World had a terrible premier. Let’s start with this kid:Farkle Minkus Girl Meets WorldHis name is Farkle Minkus and I assume he’s supposed to be the comedic relief. Wow is this kid….flaming. Everything he does is over contrived and annoying. I get it, he’s a preteen whatever, but come on.   Then there’s the best friend, Maya. The supposed “bad” girl. She hangs out on the subway alone enough to know everyone wandering by, dresses way to inappropriately for a girl that age, and incites a classroom mutiny because she doesn’t want to do homework. Oh my god. We get it. You little rebel you.   And of course the main character Riley Matthews. Lead around by her best friend, supposedly awkward, given pep talks by her father about making it “her world”…Just. I can’t even handle it. I want to know what their school’s dress code is. I never would have been allowed to show up like this: girl meets world 7-1   I think they’re trying to get Corey Matthews (played by Ben Savage) into the show more because he’s their history teacher or something. I can’t even tell. The laugh track was just too distracting.   So basically…I can’t handle the show. I’ll probably try one more episode but I am fully aware I am not the target demographic. I feel like a crotchety old lady right now complaining about it, but it was very disappointing. To leave you with thoughts of a better time, I found some good clips of the original show. FUnny moments- (Youtube) and some generally unforgettable moments-(Youtube)   If you want to give Girl Meets World a try, it airs on Disney Channel Fridays at 8pm central.