Gillette Manscaping Sadness

gillette manscaping

gillette manscaping razorThe demasculinization of the American man has been going on for several years now. I just saw a commercial from Gillette that signals the end of the war. Men have lost and now the guys who spend as much time as women getting ready to go out have apparently won.

Have you seen this commercial from Gillette? It makes me sad for the future of our society. Yes. I am the judge of what is appropriate for all of society.

Gillette Manscaping


Unless you are an Olympic swimmer, there is really not any reason that you should be shaving your chest. I would hate to be a 20-something dude today. You get conflicting messages about body hair everywhere. Apparently 70s style beards are all the rage but if you have hair on your chest or arms, that needs to go post haste.

Any of you “men” out there who are thinking of buying this product, I’d like to point something out.

gillette manscaping

Look at those two razors. The one on the left is the one for “men”. The one on the right is the Venus razor that Gillette has had for years for women to shave their legs. Notice that they are the same thing?

Gillette took the women’s razor. You know the one for women. And changed it from pink to Hulk Green. That apparently turned it in to a “men’s” razor.

For those of you “men” in your 20s who are thinking that you might need this product. Take this lesson from Jerry Seinfeld on what can happen if you tamper with nature as a lesson.


Learn Jerry’s lesson young men. Don’t bend to society’s will. You are a man. Men have hair on their bodies. Put down the Axe body spray and for the love of all things holy, put down the Gillette manscaping razor.