Ghost Adventures – Wyoming Frontier Prison

ghost-adventures_620_wyoming-frontier-prison_ss_001_596x334GHOST ADVENTURES finally ends its four-week hiatus with a great episode investigating a decommissioned prison in Rawlins, Wyoming.

Active for 80 years until closed in 1981, the Wyoming Frontier Prison saw its fair share of violence between murdered guards, murdered inmates, suicides and 14 formal executions.  The prison still has both the original gallows and old gas chamber where five of the 14 executions were performed.

Full breakdown within…Before investigating the prison, Zak and company go to find another local haunt located in the garage of a place called the Dean/Summer House.  There were reports of a “garage witch” who attacked a couple of people in the garage of the home back in the 1970’s.  The home was used as an old hospital and the current owners find remnants of some of the patients in the walls.

Back at the prison itself, the equipment techs do a good deal of the investigating with Zak Nick and Aaron predisposed at the Dean/Summer House.  The prison seemed quite active the entire time with what the guys thought originally was somebody messing around with them which turned out to be unexplained.  Nick also gets clobbered on the head by something as he investigates the cells without a probable explanation from the footage.



In retrospect, they should have stuck Aaron alone in the gas chamber to freak out like he usually does.  They alluded to it earlier in the episode when Zak closes himself in there during the day.  I’m not sure you can get much more frightening than that…



Evidence Collected:

  • EVP’s of voices and noises collected by static cameras setup the night before the lockdown which was the 100th anniversary of an inmate’s hanging
  • a black “shadow cat” appears in the corner of the still camera at the Dean/Summer House.
  • Aaron catches a clear EVP in the haunted garage that says “Levitate”
  • The equipment tech Billy Tolley goes to investigate noises and one of the static cameras falls over.
  • Nick gets hit in the head and an orb trails after him.

Luckily, it looks like we are getting new GHOST ADVENTURES episodes weekly for the immediate future!  Next week is “Sailor’s Snug Harbor” in Staten Island.