Ghost Adventures – Union Station

The GAC heads out to Kansas City, MO to investigate the famous/infamous Union Station which was a main hub of millions of travelers between 1914 and 1985, and again starting in 2002.  It now serves as the second busiest train station in the state of Missouri.

Why anybody would take the train anymore, I haven’t a clue (ahem…. MIDWEST MIKE).  I prefer a motor car myself.  Light years beyond horse and buggy.  So what of this episode of GHOST ADVENTURES?  Head inside for more… The steps of Union Station were also the stage of the Union Station Massacre involving fugitive mobster Frank Nash and (supposedly) ‘Pretty Boy’ Floyd in 1933.  The firefight left five people dead including four cops and Nash himself.  Zak postulates that by rules of the Stone Tape Theory, the violence of the massacre could be contributory to paranormal activity reported on the premises.

Mentioning the Stone Tape Theory for the second time (also brought up in the Tor House episode), Zak theorizes that marble and limestone rock is essentially absorbant to vibrations and energies from intense and tragic events, causing the residual (or ‘recorded’) spiritual activity.  Keep in mind that Stone Tape is not a Bagans original, rather a hypothesis started in the 1970’s named after a made-for-television BBC paranormal drama by the same name.  Hocum?  Quite probably.

Zak, Nick and Aaron start investigating in the unfinished upper floors of the building where they get a tiny amount of activity, but only concentrated in a small area.  They later bring in a full-fledged skeptic named Tim for the lockdown, who ended up being almost entirely unimpressed by not being able to bear hug a real ghost.

Random Zak Bagans quote:  “I’ve got a bashful sphincter”

Evidence Collected:

  • An intelligent EVP response follows an orb captured on the uninhabited 7th floor after Zak uses a ball as a trigger object.
  • Something pulls on Nick’s pants pocket
  • The skeptic feels a tingle on the back of his leg.  Is it time for Chris Matthews jokes?  I’m not even going there…
  • An ‘anomaly’ was caught on the daytime thermal camera
  • The group sees a full bodied apparition in a doorway that ended up being nothing but the restaurant manager.
Way to be anticlimactic, fellas.

Union Station was essentially a filler episode, nothing terribly new or exciting.  Next week – “Death By Wild West”.  No details yet, but here’s hoping its not another clip show…