Ghost Adventures – Tor House

ZAK BAGANS and company investigate the Tor House for the latest episode of GHOST ADVENTURES.  Looking out over the ocean on the shore in Carmel, California, the Tor House and surrounding grounds are good eye candy to build a pretty solid episode of Ghost Adventures around.

The Tor House was the residence of the famous American poet Robinson Jeffers, his wife Una and their two children.  It is a custom built stone house constructed mostly by Robinson Jeffers himself over the course of a year in 1919.  It was there that for the next 43 years he lived and wrote his poems while continuing to add onto the residence.  He also constructed the “Hawk Tower” as a private getaway for his wife.

Jeffers himself wrote extensively about spiritualism, death and dying, seemingly fortelling the location of his death in 1962 and his eventual return to the grounds 50 years later.  His wife dabbled in spiritualism and seance which she supposedly held in the top room of the Hawk Tower.  Their apparitions have both been seen through the years by the docents and caretakers of the property.

The history portion of the episode was fascinating, and they did a great job of tying everything together with excerpts from Robinson Jeffer’s poetry.  The investigation itself didn’t produce a whole lot of evidence, but some pretty interesting findings nonetheless.

Evidence Collected:

  • They filmed an unexplained figure on their thermal camera outside of the Hawk Tower.
  • They caught several voices on the spirit box (essentially a rapid radio wave scanner/white noise generator) both male and female, giving halfway intelligent responses to questions.
  • A tiny orb was filmed flying out of Jeffers’ death bed.
  • Zak performed an interesting experiment to see if the spirit of Jeffers would somehow interact with a small puddle of spilled ink.  The ink dried into a form of what looked like a small devil… probably just happenstance but pretty cool anyway.

Overall a great episode more for the back story than the actual investigation.  Catch new episodes Fridays on the TRAVEL CHANNEL 8:00c.