Ghost Adventures – Crazy Town

Although he has virtually none of the sexy international spy intrigue of Carmen Sandiego, he is every bit as missing.  Where in the world is MIDWEST MIKE?  No doubt he is hard at work sifting through his binders of women to put together another overly-popular themed list of attractive ladies.  Godspeed, MIDWEST MIKE.  Godspeed and good luck.

Meanwhile in GHOST ADVENTURES land,

Zak, Nick and Aaron are off to Mineral Wells, TX to investigate the once-world-renowned Baker Hotel.  Once a mecca for people looking for the town’s fabled healing water, it is now in a wicked state of disrepair and is claimed to be ‘infested’ with ghosts.

Zak puts on his best Bane impression yelling through his respirator mask the whole time and dealing with paranormally induced anger issues.  Plus he saves a stray dog.  What a stand up guy…

Everybody splits up to investigate separate floors with Nick on the top floor, Zak in the spa and Aaron in the basement.  I always love when Zak and Nick stick Aaron in the creepiest part of wherever they happen to be, because Aaron freaking out is one of my favorite parts of the show.

Pretty good episode overall with a cool location and a healthy dose of creep factor.  And the scenes with the guys taste testing the town’s water were pretty funny.  Zak Bagans’ deep thoughts on the taste of mineral water:  “Tastes like there’s a lot of minerals in it”.  Unfortunately, the next two weeks are infested with clip shows and it looks like one or two more standard investigations happen before the end of the season.

Evidence Collected:

  • A door opened on command backed up by an EMF spike as well as an EVP saying “Water, drink the water”
  • Many miscellaneous footsteps and garbled voice EVPs
  • A new piece of equipment called the Ovilus X displays the word “mommy” at the same time Aaron hears a girl’s voice call out “mama”
  • Aaron yells out that he likes to play just before there is a loud bang and the Ovilus X says “Play”
  • Random other light anomalies on their X cameras and thermal cameras