Ghost Adventures – New Orleans

urlAfter what seems like an entire mini-season of clip shows, GHOST ADVENTURES finally returned on Friday with a brand new episode.  Which I would have watched on Friday if my television has not been near-completely hijacked by my son and his newfound passion for Disney/Pixar movies.

Which isn’t entirely bad at face value… I genuinely enjoy many of them.  But as always, too much of a good thing eventually ends up breaking badly.  On the 75th showing of FINDING NEMO, I start to wish that the diver had been spearfishing rather than snapping pictures.  I briefly considered just throwing away my blu-ray player (for the good of the family, of course) but then how could I watch TOTAL RECALL or INDIANA JONES for the 501st time?  Priorities are funny little animals, aren’t they…

So what’s cooler than the GAC lockdowns?  How about GAC voodoo ritual lockdowns?  Interestingly enough, for as many episodes as GHOST ADVENTURES have filmed, they have never once been to New Orleans.  There was a previous investigation just outside of New Orleans in St. Bernard Parish, but never quite in the city itself.  Zak, Nick and Aaron were able to tour some of the areas hit by Hurricane Katrina, and it’s obvious that even through the wreckage and tragedy, New Orleans is still a great city with a fascinating history.

More inside…

The guys investigate three locations this episode, including May Baily’s bar/former brothel, the home of voodoo priestess Bloody Mary, and a haunted mortuary-turned Halloween attraction.  Zak investigates May Baily’s by himself (because when you’re talking ghost-hookers, who better to be there?) while Nick and Aaron investigate Bloody Mary’s house.  Later in the night, both Billy (the equipment tech) and Zak take a quick spin through the basement of the mortuary.

Bloody Mary holds a voodoo ritual before locking Nick and Aaron in her super-extra-creepy house.  Aaron is left laying down in the ‘crossroads’ of the ceremony with a skull on his chest and quite possibly mess in his pants.  Even though I’m not a believer in that sort of stuff myself, I’m not sure you could pay me enough money to be in the same situation.

Evidence Collected:

  • Balls of light captured on video at the brothel.  Balls at a brothel?  Not even going to go there…
  • Intelligent responses collected with the Spirit Box, clearly saying “gun”, “Katrina” and “I’m dead”
  • A whole bunch of crazy stuff at the voodoo house.  Growls, books falling off shelves, dishes moving in the kitchen, and Nick getting assaulted by ‘dark malevolent energy’
  • Tons of threatening EVP’s captured by Nick and Aaron in Bloody Mary’s house
  • Photo of a full-bodied apparition caught in the mortuary.

What a great episode.  Probably the best of the season so far.  In retrospect, they could have devoted about three complete episodes just to Bloody Mary’s house alone, as it was all extremely creepy.

If you didn’t think they captured enough balls in the brothel this time, next week they visit a strip club in San Francisco called the Market Street Cinema where ‘balls of energy’ are sure to abound.