Game of Thrones – Season 3 Trailer

Among my favorite shows on television, I would say that GAME OF THRONES probably takes top billing.  One of the most consistent and entertaining shows out there with an extremely intricate storyline and fantastic cast, it is finally returning on March 31st.  My personal countdown started the moment that the second season ended, so it has been a pretty long time to be lying in wait.

HBO had a couple of “teaser” trailers that consisted of some logos, shadows and drums, but we now finally have some actual footage from the season.  And it looks nothing short of amazing.  If you have not yet seen GAME OF THRONES, it is a perfect excuse to call your cable provider and get a free 3-month trial of HBO.  Seasons are relatively (read: unfortunately) short, so it’s not difficult to catch up on.

And now for the trailer… enjoy!


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