Game of Thrones Reimagined as 80’s/90’s Era Characters


Leave it to the timeless wisdom of the interwebz to perform hilarious mashups of some of our favorite things.  Just as I finally normalized from my annual cold-turkey GAME OF THRONES detox, here comes French artist MIKE WROBEL with a pretty impressive gallery of our favorite GAME OF THRONES characters dressed up in 80’s/90’s garb.  It’s worth checking out his entire website here, as he does some very excellent pop-culture art aside from his GoT series.  Head inside for a gallery of all his GoT work.

Daenerys with her “dragons”.  Ferrets are almost as terrifying as dragons, save for the lack of fire replaced with death by a thousand little nibbles.  “BRING ME MY FERRETS” doesn’t quite have the same ring to it…



Khal Drogo rocking the grunge rocker look.  Ironically, he looks like he would fit as a guitarist for at least two out of the three bands stickered on his case.



Theon Greyjoy.  Note the hotdog, I almost fell out of my chair laughing.


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