Galavant Premiere

Hello and welcome to my first post of the new year! So there was a new show premiere that was really two episodes in one, called Galavant. I hadn’t heard much about it going into it, but it’s apparently making fun of the medieval damsel in distress type trope by being funny and a musical all at once. I have to say, I rather enjoyed it. A bit of a rough beginning, because it basically just jumps right into a song that’s supposed to act as a backstory, and I feel like it was really drawn out and kind of awkwardly placed right at the start. But once that calms down and the characters are really shown I thought it was funny and cute.


The story focuses on the main character, the hero aptly named Galavant. This role is played by someone named Joshua Sasse whom you probably have never heard of, but damn he’s pretty hot so I’m in just for that for the time being. He looks like this: joshua sasse 1-4


Galavant lost the woman he thought he loved to King Richard, but it turns out she’s probably a gold digger and not very nice anyway. It’s somewhat campy and a lot of singing, but I laughed more often than I didn’t. Plus, the actor who plays the king was totally in an episode of Supernatural once so that wins points from me.


I’ll check it out next week again. It’s a mini-series which means it will be short lived and I honestly think that’s best. I liked it, but I can see how if this was ongoing it would get old fast and probably be overbearing and too campy (I’m looking at you, Once Upon A Time), but for only a few weeks, I think it’s worth it. The initial reviews aren’t coming back so great, but I don’t really understand why that is.


Oh! I totally forgot John Stamos has a guest role as a competitive knight in a jousting tournament in the second episode. How can you not love John Stamos?? john stamos galavant


So, like I said. It was better than I thought, though by no means great. If you’d like to check it out, Galavant airs on ABC on Sunday nights at 8/7C. Check out the trailer: