FXX Launches Simpsons World

Simpsons World

More news in the incredible paradigm changing world of TV. First we had news that HBO was cutting the cable, then there was news that CBS was following suit and doing the same. Now, there is this news today. FXX has launched a new app called Simpsons World and this is game changing.

What is Simpsons World? In short, it’s everything Simpsons delivered to any device that can access the web or this application. FXX bought the rights to all episodes of The Simpsons last year and made news first by running every Simpsons ever made in one long marathon at the end of the Summer. This news today is another step in the changing landscape of the TV world.

Simpsons World houses every episode of The Simpsons and gives people who have the FXX channel access to all of those episodes allowing them to pick and choose when they want to watch them and in what order they would like to watch them. Here is what the home page looks like:

Simpsons World home pageIn addition to every episode being available, including the newest ones that get added each week, you will have access to all the information about The Simpsons that you could ever imagine needing to have access to. For fans of the show, you may remember a coffee table book that was released around the 10th anniversary of the show that had a break down of every episode. In my family, this book was read so often that it fell apart. The Simpsons World follows the same format of that compendium but it’s been updated to be up to date.

This first iteration of Simpsons World includes a popularity rating that shows viewers what some of the most popular episodes are. If you are unsure about which ones to watch, you can get recommendations from others on what episodes are ones not to be missed.  There are also curated playlists and clip themes included in the first iteration that allow viewers to find episodes based on themes like finding all of the Tree House of Horror episodes for example. Even the most novice of Simpsons viewer will be able to find enjoyment in this website.

Simpson World will be updated with a phase 2 some time around January that will give viewers the ability to create and share playlists, cut clips from their favorite episodes and share them on line socially and more.

Simpsons World is available through the FXNow app on the FX website. The only drawback right now is that you have to have the FX channel and be able to verify that to get full access to the application. Users who do not have an FX account will have access to the app and will be able to view all of the clips and information, but will not be able to view full episodes.

The TV world is changing folks. The way you viewed TV in the past is not going to be the way we view TV in the future. We are getting more and more control over how we receive our TV entertainment. The Simpsons World is the first shot in this new game of giving viewers control over the library of their favorite shows.

The people at FX get it. This is going to be huge. They hit it big with their Simpsons Marathon and Simpsons World is going to be a huge success.

Now if only we can get the writers at The Simpsons to get back to writing good episodes, we would have it all. As it stands, you can go to Simpsons World and watch all the classics and that for me is plenty. It’s a great day in the world of TV folks. You are seeing the world change right before your eyes.