FX Cancels The Comedians

the comedians cancelled

The Comedians Cancelled

I can’t say I’m surprised, but I am just a little bit disappointed. FX announced today that they are cancelling their new comedy, The Comedians, after just one season.

The Comedians starred Billy Crystal and Josh Gad as themselves playing on a sketch comedy show on FX network. The ratings for the show were never very good which is why it’s not really a surprise this is cancelled.

I am still just a bit disappointed though. I was not a fan of the show in the first couple of episodes, but my wife and I stuck it out and watched the entire season and surprisingly, the show grew on me.

Being bad early though is the kiss of death in TV. If you lose your audience early in your run, you will never get them back and you’ll be on the fast track to cancelville.  This is what happened to The Comedians.

I enjoyed Billy Crystal very much on the show that was his first sitcom since Soap ended in 1981.  He played the older cranky comedian very well. I’m sure it wasn’t much of a stretch for him.

I have always been a Josh Gad fan (1600 Penn was cancelled criminally early), but he wasn’t very good on this show. I actually think that the guy who was supposed to be playing the young and hip comedian that can connect with younger viewers was actually the worst part of the show. Crystal carried Gad along in scene after scene. It makes me think that Gad was just phoning this in never really thinking it had a chance. That could be. I still like him and I’m sure he’ll be back soon in another project. He is too funny to not be working.

My favorite on the show though by far was Mad TV’s Stephnie Weir. You might have seen her recently on the season premiere of Key & Peele playing Hillary Clinton’s anger translator. She played Kristen on the show and she was an absolute train wreck. She was the funniest part of the show.

It’s all moot though what I liked and what I didn’t like. The show had grown on me but I’m not surprised that not enough other people weren’t watching it. It was just missing something even though it had all the star power in the world for a TV show that you could imagine.  It’s a shame.

the comedians cancelled