Fruit Of The Loom Commercial

If you haven’t seen the Fruit Of The Loom commercial featuring a female stunt woman, I posted it below.  It’s funny to read some of the comments this commercial has received.

Some think it’s a bad commercial because it will make young girls self conscious because they’re not as thin as this model.

Others have said it’s a good influence because it shows a strong woman taking names and kicking butt. Both sides are kind of missing the point.  It’s underwear for Christ’s sake.  Is any underwear really all that much better than the other?  Of course not, but now we’re talking about Fruit of the Loom.  Hell, some guy may even be tempted to buy some as an Anniversary gift, it’s that good.

This commercial is similar to every beer commercial ever made showing guys drinking beer surrounded by hot chicks.  As a guy, I know that drinking Miller light almost guarantees a bikini girl party to break out.

That’s why I’m careful to not drink them more than 4-5 nights per week.  Those bikini girls are just trying to put themselves through medical school and don’t want to have to keep showing up in my family room on a Wednesday night.  I barely want to be there.


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