Friday Night Tykes

friday night tykes

friday night tykesIf the Esquire Network was looking for something to get their name in the papers, they have found it. Friday Night Tykes is without a doubt one of the worst things I have ever seen on TV.

We joke a lot about bad TV here at MWTVG and make fun of shows like 2 Broke Girls for being bad. Those shows are bad but not like Friday Night Tykes. Friday Night Tykes is bad and it’s dangerous and it’s the most disgusting thing on TV right now.

You might not have heard of this show because it’s on a network that gets so low ratings that Nielsen doesn’t even track it. That is going to change though. I’m sure you are going to hear more about this show in the coming weeks since Illinois Senator Dick Durbin just called for this show to be canceled. I disagree with the Senator but he and I both agree that this show is horrendous.

What is the issue with Friday Night Tykes?  Despite what the Esquire Network says about the show, it is in fact exploitative as hell. When people complain about a show like Honey Boo Boo, they complain because the simpletons on that show are being taken advantage of by big bad TV producers to exploit them for profit. This is the same thing only worse. It’s worse because no one gets hurt at a beauty pageant (except pride).

Friday Night Tykes follows a youth football league in Texas. The kids it seems range in age from 8 to 12 years old. These are kids. The kids are not really the problem with the show. The problem? The coaches. The coaches are some of the most despicable people I’ve seen.

Remember that we are talking about a youth football league and not the NFL. The coaches all act as if they are NFL coaches, no, scratch that. No NFL player would take the abuse from these coaches that they seem to enjoy dishing out. No college kid would put up with it either and no HS kid outside the state of Texas would stand for it.  Here is a preview that Esquire released. This gives you a taste.

Friday Night Tykes Preview


I am a veteran and there is nothing I hate more than the veteran who tries to make everything around them like the military. It seems that most of the coaches in this league are former military of one branch or another and they treat their kids like they are in the military.

I served with clowns like these coaches. Terrible leaders. Awful people. The type of guys who think that yelling and bullying and leading through fear make someone a man and make people better at their jobs.

The coaches act like they are teaching these boys the hard lessons of life. Abusing a kid in 100 degree weather is not teaching them anything. At one point in the first episode, “Weakness Leaving the Body”, there is a kid throwing up at practice in 100 degree heat.

A sane person would wonder if that kid is in the early stages of heat exhaustion. Not the coach of this team. He thinks the kid is trying to get out of running so he tells the kid to go throw up and come back and run some more.  The symptoms the kid was exhibiting to me would warrant a trip to the hospital for an IV, not another round of sprints. Was the kid trying to get out of running? I don’t think so but even if he was, he’s 9 years old. Why would you take the risk? (That coach has since been suspended along with 1 other for things seen on this show)

There is much more that goes on in these episodes that detail behavior by the coaches that would, in any other sane place outside of Texas, get them banned from ever working with youth sports programs.

I hope that Friday Night Tykes does not get canceled by Esquire. I hope that every episode they have shot airs. I hope they air them in reruns forever. This needs to be publicized and not hidden. The people of San Antonio, TX need to know what is going on in their sports program and they need to do something about it.

San Antonio is not alone with running their kids sports programs this way. This just happens to be where the cameras are. If there were cameras at any other youth sports program, we would see a lot of the same behaviors.  We need to keep shows like this on TV so we can expose adults who treat youth sports like a professional sports league with adult players. I hope Esquire sends their film crews to cover other sports in other cities.

Friday Night Tykes airs on the Esquire Network Tuesdays at 8:00. You can find full episodes already aired on their site. Don’t watch with a full stomach because what you see will make you nauseous.