Fresh Prince Reunion

fresh prince renuionYou might have heard about the Fresh Prince reunion that happened the other day.  If you didn’t know, it happened on the Graham Norton show and folks let me tell you something, the Graham Norton show is one of my favorite shows on TV.  It’s on BBC America so only about 8 Americans have actually ever heard of this show before the Fresh Prince reunion clip went viral on the internet.  Now that you are aware of this show, I can’t recommend it enough to you.

What’s so good about it?  Well for starters, it’s British.  We love all things British here (except stamp taxes am I right? That’s some good old fashioned revolution humor for you) in here America.  Some of our most popular TV shows over the last few years have all started in Britain (The Office, American Idol).  We love their humor.  How else would you be able to explain the success of the Ricky Gervais show?  That’s a show where we watch animated characters just talk.  Sounds simple but the result?  Hilarity.

Back to Graham Norton.  This show is funny because huge stars go on this show and act like real people.  Have you ever heard about the commercials that huge stars do overseas knowing they will never be seen here in America? Leonardo DiCaprio shills for Jim Beam in Japan for example.  They do it so their image in America doesn’t get hurt while still being able to cash check and snap necks.

Graham Norton takes full advantage of this.  Even though his show airs here in America on BBC America, it’s not a channel most Americans are watching.  Celebrities still feel safe to go on this show and act like Americans won’t see it.  If the Fresh Prince reunion clip has turned you on to this show, then it’s a good thing.  You came here to see the video of the Fresh Prince reunion, so here it is (oh and don’t forget, The Graham Norton show airs on BBC America Thursdays at 9:00):