Free Stuff

We’ve done everything we can over here at MWTVG to get you to like us.  We’ve tried begging, pleading, and cajoling.  At times we’ve even tried being entertaining and funny (I know it’s rare).

Where has that gotten us?  6 loyal hardcore followers and a bunch of 2 Broke Girl fans that literally want to shoot us.

Since we live in America where everyone wants something for nothing, we want to give you free MWTVG t-shirt (note if you give the shirt to charity it does not count as a charitable deduction, we already tried that).

This should be easy.  All you have to do is like us on Facebook and if you already like us on Facebook have a friend like us and mention your name.  Each like will be an entry into the drawing which will be conducted on June 30th.

Oh, if you get 10 friends to like us on Facebook, don’t worry about the drawing.  We’ll just send you a free t-shirt.

So get going people, the clock is ticking.  You know you want free stuff.