Fox Tuesdays

Fox just ran a commercial during the WV/Texas game promoting their Tuesday night lineup.  They just said that it was popular but not because of this guy:

That’s Schmidt from NEW GIRL and let me tell you something Fox TV, we here at The Midwest TV Guys have been very clear about this, Schmidt is the one that makes that show.  Don’t go running around trying to stuff that tree Zooey Deschanel down our throats. The American viewing public is smarter than that (with the exception of America’s previous disdain for Arrested Development).

Zooey probably has the big contract on the show and probably has an agent that has forced you to talk about her in all advertising and I’m sure there is a clause in her contact that obligates Fox to continue to pretend like she can sing but with each episode, the Ted Mosby effect becomes more and more apparent.

Boo Fox for taking a needless shot at one of your breakout stars.  In a year you are going to be featuring this guy in your commercials and downplaying the tree’s part in her own show.  Mark my words.