Fox Sports Live Steals SNL Skit

Sunday’s here in Chicago are spent watching America’s game (that’s football, the real kind guyfromEngland) and with it, there are lots of commercials to watch. I came across a very funny commercial today for Fox Sports Live but, I have a problem with it too.


first city wide change bankNow that’s a fairly funny commercial but I couldn’t help but notice, this commercial is stolen.  As the resident Saturday Night Live expert and historian, this commercial for Fox Sports Live Total World Domination, was stolen from the First City Wide Change Bank commercial that ran on SNL back in October of 1988.  I would show you a clip of this brilliant skit but NBC is run by a bunch of raging morons and this clip has been pulled from everywhere on the internet that could possibly have it, even Hulu (which is owned by NBC).

So the Fox Sports Live commercial is funny but they should do something to give credit to SNL since their idea isn’t really original.  If Jim Downey (pictured) wrote the commercial for Fox, then cool.  He’s the guy who wrote the skit for SNL and then starred in the commercial as the bank representative explaining how many different ways they can make change for you.  They can make change in ways you probably haven’t even thought of.  If you are still unfamiliar with the brilliance that is Jim Downey, most of you might remember him from Billy Madison:


I have asked Fox Sports for comment as to who wrote this commercial.  I’d really like to know if Downey was involved and if not, why they don’t give credit for their work.