Fox Cancels The Mindy Project

mindy project cancelled

Mindy Project Cancelled

There is going to be a lot of news about shows in the next few days as networks make decisions on which shows will be getting picked up and which ones will be getting the ax. Fox came out today and announced one of the first cancellations with news that they are cancelling The Mindy Project.

While it’s not a total surprise that they are cancelling this show, the ratings have been consistently terrible, I am still mildly surprised.  Few shows have been able to generate the cult following and loyal fan base like The Mindy Project has been able to do.

I have been up and down with this show. I was a watcher in the beginning but quickly lost interest. My wife and daughter kept with the show though and I eventually came back and found that the show had tweaked itself a bit and that they had found their groove.  The show was genuinely funny and it’s star, Mindy Kaling, is an incredibly talented and funny comedic actress.

Whatever tweaking and fixing they did though was obviously too late. People like me left the show early and unlike me, they never came back.

If you are a Mindy fan though don’t despair. There is talk that the show will continue on with new life on Hulu. Hulu already owns the rights to the episodes of The Mindy Project so it would make sense that they would pick it up to continue the show.

The ratings standards for a streaming network are far lower than for a show on a network TV station so there is a good chance that the strong cult following of The Mindy Project might be enough to save it.

Well save it kind of. Going to Hulu is not really a save since Hulu is the worst of all the streaming networks. I would rather watch something on Crackle, yes you’ve probably never heard of it, than watch anything on Hulu. Hulu completely doesn’t understand pay streaming service. They are the only ones who make you pay for their service and still make you watch commercials. They are double dipping on their customers and it’s amazingly NBC-like. But I digress.

We’ll keep you updated on news of The Mindy Project and if they are saved by Hulu or not. We will probably know in the next few days what will happen as networks are all busy making their orders for the fall and getting their line ups set for advertising buys.

Even if it’s saved, I won’t be following it to Hulu so for me, it’s farewell Mindy Project. I look forward to Mindy Kaling’s next project because she is a funny, funny lady and I’ll watch anything she does.

mindy project cancelled