Fox Cancels The Cleveland Show

cleveland showOur long national nightmare is over.  We have received news today that Fox has cancelled The Cleveland Show after 88 amazingly unfunny episodes.

With the cancellation of The Cleveland Show, Seth MacFarlane will now have just two animated shows to work on and 1 live-action show that he has in production that he will also star in.

The end of The Cleveland Show will hopefully mean that there is more focus on his truly funny shows, American Dad and Family Guy.  When there were rumors of a character being spun off Family Guy, the speculation was all on Quagmire because that is a funny character that you could actually do something with.  Instead, it was like MacFarlane was giving all of us fans the finger and laughing at them when he chose to spin off Cleveland Brown.

Despite never being funny, Fox stuck with The Cleveland Show for 88 episodes.  This is an important milestone because it means The Cleveland Show is eligible for syndication.  I’m told that MacFarlane is telling TNT that Tyler Perry voices Cleveland so they are interested in buying this show immediately for their Tyler Perry line-up.

So long Cleveland Show.  You lived a heck of a lot longer than you should have.