Food Network Has Dropped Paula Deen

paula deenIn what can only be called “even Stevie Wonder saw this coming” news, we’ve received word that the Food Network has dropped Paula Deen.  Ms. Deen had a very strange day on Friday when she first failed to appear for an interview on the Today Show and then posted 3 separate videos on YouTube begging her friends and fans to forgive her for her admitting to regularly using the n-word.

In the first video Ms. Deen posted, she appeared to be near tears and said, “I want to apologize to everybody for the wrong that I’ve done. I want to learn and grow from this. Inappropriate and hurtful language is totally, totally unacceptable.”  This video was removed without explanation and a second longer video in which she appeared more composed was later posted:


The race kerfuffle started for Ms. Deen when she admitted in a deposition (which you can read here) for a lawsuit filed by one of her former employees that she used racial slurs, tolerated racist jokes, and condoned pornography in the workplace.  That all sounds crazy doesn’t it?  Seriously.  I am regularly amazed when I hear stories like this about workplaces that are still stuck in 1954.  Even the guys at Mad Men seem to treat people better than you would be treated if you work for the Deen family and the Mad Men guys work in a time where it was actually legal to smack your secretary on the ass.  Her statements were so outrageous that a twitter hashtag #paulasbestdishes that Midwest Mark told us about the other day has completely blown up mocking Ms. Deen mercilessly.

Having read the deposition too I have to wonder if Paula Deen isn’t being represented by Barry Zuckercorn.  Her attorney knows she’s being sued for discrimination right?  Maybe her attorney would think of advising her to not wax poetic about the days of yore when men used to be free to roam the south in white sheets (ok maybe I didn’t read the whole deposition but I imagine that this is actually in there).  Isn’t the standard answer for a question that could hurt your case “I don’t remember?”

Stay tuned for more news as the Paula Deen saga continues to unfold.  If she ever gets back to cooking food again, we’ll tell you about that too.