Fondest Television Memories – Tales from the Crypt

In my formative television watching years, there was no better night than Saturday nights.  The lineup was as such:  SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE followed by TALES FROM THE CRYPT followed closely by a couple episodes of MONTY PYTHON’S FLYING CIRCUS.

As a disclaimer, this is back when SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE was funny and still had WILL FERRELL and CHRIS KATTAN before the assclown JIMMY FALLON and COLIN QUINN replaced NORM MACDONALD on Weekend Update and mucked it all up (damn you MIDWEST MIKE… you were spot on).

Getting back to the real purpose of this post, TALES FROM THE CRYPT still reigns supreme in my mind as the pinnacle of horror television.  It ran for 7 seasons between 1989 and 1996 and featured some of the best actors and directors of the time.  Acting alums include BRAD PITT, ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER  DANIEL CRAIG, KATEY SAGAL, DEMI MOORE, JOE PESCI and TOM HANKS (among many many more) and guest directors included ROBERT ZEMECKIS and RICHARD DONNER and TOBE HOOPER (again, amongst many others).

TALES FROM THE CRYPT had the perfect mix of dark humor, suspense, star power and cheap nudity (which ranks pretty damn high on the list as a teenager!) to make even the ‘bad’ episodes fun to watch every time.  It was originally adapted from the old 1950’s EC comics and many of the episodes were lifted directly from the EC lineup.  Retooling the Crypt-Keeper into his legendary television persona was a stroke of genius and the series spawned (technically) three movies, two of which (DEMON KNIGHT and BORDELLO OF BLOOD) I consider to be must-watch movies for horror fans.

I will throw out an appeal to all of the high powered television executives that subscribe to MWTVG… please bring back TALES FROM THE CRYPT!  Now is the perfect time to reboot the franchise, and MIDWEST MARK will love you long time for doing so.

Any of our (allegedly) almost double-digit readership have any memories of TALES FROM THE CRYPT?  Please share!