First Post for Our European Fans

better call saulWe are three guys from the Midwestern United States (Chicago) who have been doing this for just over a year now. What continually shocks us is the number of people who come to our site from not only outside of Chicago, but from outside the US. 41% of our visitors come from overseas so it’s high time we recognize that and do something for our European fans. So here it is. In news that will only affect our European fans, the Breaking Bad spin off Better Call Saul, will air exclusively on Netflix for Europe and Latin America.

Americans will have to endure the scheduling whims of AMC who will be airing Better Call Saul here in the colonies. The show won’t be put on to Netflix until after the show runs in the States but there will still be the benefit of having an entire season all at once to choose how you want to watch it.

Expect to see Better Call Saul in 2014 airing first in the Colonies and then on Netflix for the old world after the season finale. When there is more news, whether for American or our European fans, we will be sure to update.