First Official Celebrity Commenter – THE USELL GUY!!!

Verified proof that we have hit it big here at MWTVG, we have our very first confirmed celebrity commenter!  Is this an A-list celebrity?  No.  Is it a B-list celebrity?  No.  C-list?  Not quite.  This guy is of the caliber that he isn’t even on a list… I am talking about none other than BOBBY MILLIKEN – THE USELL GUY himself!!


Responding just today to the semi-satirical piece I wrote five or six weeks ago essentially accusing him of being an enormous douche, he rose far above our unique brand of toilet-level humor to straight-up own his television persona… and that is something a guy like me can appreciate.

In a stroke of marketing genius/twisted irony, Bobby rocks that little douchey character so well that all of America will immediately flock to Google and search “Why is the usell guy such a douche”, be delivered straight to and decide to sell their cell while they’re at it.  Victory for the Usell guy all around.

In some strange way, I can’t wait to see the next funky thing the self-proclaimed ‘Social Media Sultan’ attempts to pitch to me.  I just hope that he doesn’t let all the fame get to his head and run around punching hookers like the SHAMWOW GUY ended up doing.

USELL GUY… we love you, man.  Without guys like you, guys like me can’t write what we write.  For anybody who is interested, you can follow Bobby’s party antics on both Facebook and Twitter