Firefly Cast to Reunite

Firefly cast

If one of your nerd friends suddenly had a heart attack today, it could have been from the years of drinking Code Red while playing WOW or it was because they heard that the Firefly cast was going to reunite for a new project. If you are one of those nerds who could suddenly have a grabber, relax. It’s not a reunion like you think so don’t get all wheezy on me.

The Firefly cast is indeed going to reunite but not for a TV show or a movie. No. They are getting back together to do the voices for Firefly online, a web game based on the show. They announced this news at Comic Con today so I’m surprised there weren’t riots or a mass casualty event. The developers of the game sure know what audience they are catering to by announcing at Comic Con don’t they?

Anyway, Firefly online will feature all of the original cast returning to voice their characters including Alan Tudyk, who’s character (spoiler alert) was viciously gored to death by space ship parts.

My two cents on this are that the developers had better do a good job making this game. Firefly fans are nothing if not out of work and able to get themselves to someone’s office to voice their displeasure at a game if it is not done right. Rest assured that fans will be looking for even the slightest error or inconsistency that doesn’t perfectly align with the show. Seriously. God help them if they get this wrong.

The nerdgasm has been so intense over the news of this game that traffic has actually caused the Firefly online website to crash. If it’s back up, you can get more game info on their site┬ábut you will have to wait until the nerd world calms down a bit.

Oh and BTW, I am a fan of the show. Just not a fan like most are. I thought it was a good show that got cut short too soon but it wasn’t a world changing show. Just another pretty good show that was killed before it’s time.

Firefly cast