FCC To Allow Profanity and Nudity on TV

fcc tv nudity banSo.  The FCC is considering relaxing it’s ban on profanity and non-sexual nudity on TV.  Why is this happening?  Well, the networks are getting killed by cable operations like HBO who don’t have to follow the same rules as the networks.  How many times have you thought to yourself, “man that’s a pretty good show.  It would be even better if it were on HBO”?  The network big wigs are thinking the same thing about their shows.  They sit in their big offices all day long and think about how much cooler their shows would be if only the FCC wasn’t there to ruin all of their fun and good ideas.  Seth Macfarlane knows what I’m talking about:


So here’s a question.  Which shows currently on broadcast TV would benefit the most were the FCC to allow profanity and nudity on TV?  Here are some of mine:

Hell’s Kitchen

hell's kitchenIt’s time for Fox to quit with the bleeping of Chef Ramsay.  Release the Kraken already.



Maury Povich

maury povichThere is very little dialog on his show because nearly every word gets bleeped out.  Now I understand that emotions run high when you are finding out who the baby daddy is but seriously, the bleeping is very distracting.  I need to hear the dialog so I can better understand these complex relationships.



Modern Family

modern familyDon’t even sit there and pretend you don’t get this one.  Don’t even.







castleThis one can benefit both the guys and the ladies.  I don’t know any women over the age of 20 who wouldn’t immediately dump their boyfriend or husband for Nathan Fillion and the chick on that show isn’t half bad either.  Plus as a cop show, we could use some real language on here.  I know some guys on the NYPD and let me tell you, they can use swear words like a surgeon can use a scalpel.


2 Broke Girls

2 broke girls

If this show changes to 2 Naked Girls, I’d be much more inclined to watch it.  Hell, I wouldn’t just be inclined to watch it, I’d never miss it.  I wouldn’t care how bad the writing is or how bad the acting is if there was a chance in every episode that one or both of these girls will be taking their clothes off.





Now here’s the thing.  The FCC dropping it’s ban on profanity and nudity is a double edged sword.  We might get shows that benefit from this change but keep in mind that there are shows out there that none of us would want to take advantage of the change.

Mike and Molly

mike and mollyFor the love of all that is holy.  Please CBS promise me one thing.  Even if the FCC drops it’s ban on profanity and nudity, please promise that you will keep both Mike and Molly fully clothed at all times.




Off Their Rockers

Off Their Rockers - Season 2Betty White is 135 years old and I think she is the youngest one on the cast of this show.  Old people swearing makes me uncomfortable and old people naked makes me have nightmares.




I’m sure there are more that would both benefit and that would be a horrible nightmare for us if the FCC changes the rules.  Let me know what shows you want to see take advantage of the new rules and which ones you don’t.  Be sure to vote in our poll too and let us know if you think the FCC should even change the rules.


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  1. nothing wrong with showing full frontal nudity of male or females. lol! id do it lol! txt me 937 207 3853

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