My Favorite New Show – The Pete Holmes Show

pete holmes show gambitWe are in to the 2nd week of The Pete Holmes show and I have to tell you folks, it is my favorite new show on TV right now. I’ve spoken about this show a couple of times now and I’m going to keep talking about it until people get on the band wagon with me.  I don’t know what it is that everyone is looking for in a show. People bitch and complain constantly that there are no funny shows left on TV any more so here you go, I’m handing you a show that is very, very funny.

I don’t know why you all are playing games with me on this one. I talked about Key & Peele from the very beginning and now everyone wants to come around and act like they’ve been fans from the start. That’s fine. I’m glad that people are watching that show. It took you a while, but you came around. Let’s not play the same game with The Pete Holmes Show ok? Just get on board now so we can continue to be friends.

I have posted some videos from The Pete Holmes Show that are hysterically funny. Now I’ve got another one. This is the 2nd in this series where Professor X of The X-Men is going through his personnel and making tough decisions. He’s already fired Wolverine and now Gambit is on the chopping block. I hope they take this through all of the X-Men characters because I love this.  If I can give the writers of The Pete Holmes Show any ideas about this series, I’d love to see them send Professor X to sensitivity training or have an HR representative in the office with him when he is having these difficult conversations. Just an idea Pete.

Anyway, here is the most recent video from The Pete Holmes Show where Professor X has a difficult conversation with Gambit:


The Pete Holmes Show airs on TBS weeknights at 10:00 right after Conan. I know this is a bit late for a weeknight show but again, DVR this show. It’s only 30 minutes. If you DVR it, you only need around 22 minutes. You will not be disappointed.


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