Farewell Futurama

futuramaFarewell Futurama.  Thank you for 11 years of brilliant comedy and entertainment.  I was a fan of the show back with the original run and I was thrilled when you were brought back (after America finally caught on to what a great show this was).

While it’s sad that a great show like Futurama ends it’s run while garbage like 2 Broke Girls continues to assault our eyeballs, we can all take refuge in the knowledge that Futurama will live on forever in re-runs.  In fact, one of the best parts of this show, that makes it perpetually re-watchable, is that it is essentially timeless.  When you watch an episode of Futurama, you probably have no idea what season or year it is from.  You can watch them over and over and never get tired of any episode.  I ranked Futurama as the #6 greatest cartoon of all time which is an amazing accomplishment for a show that was cancelled and then brought back.

There are so many great characters and moments but for me, there are some that stand out over the others.  Here for me, are some of the best characters and moments from Futurama:

Hedonism Bot

Seriously.  I don’t know if it gets much funnier than him.  He’s a character that makes very brief appearances from time to time and give just a line or two but it’s always hilarious.



The acting unit who’s unholy acting talent comes from the robot devil, Calculon.


Zapp Brannigan

The character of Zapp Brannigan was written for Phil Hartman.  Billy West (Ren and Stimpy) did a great job voicing Zap, but I can’t help but wonder how awesome this character would have been had Hartman been alive to do him justice.  There are so many great Zapp Brannigan scenes that there are two best of videos needed for him.


The Robot Devil

Again, he’s not around too often but when he is, The Robot Devil is as funny as it gets.  My all-time favorite episode of Futurama is “The Devil’s Hands are Idle Playthings” which featured the Devil heavily.


Dr. John A. Zoidberg

Has there ever been a more pathetic character on TV?  He’s a doctor that doesn’t know the difference between a human and a robot, and he is so poor he eats garbage out of dumpsters.  The brilliance of Zoidberg again is in the sparing use of him.


So many great characters and moments.  We are losing a great show and TV will be a bit worse than it was before now that this show is gone.

Farewell Futurama.  Thanks for all the great years!