Family Guy News

family guy comic conSeth MacFarlane sure had a busy Comic-Con.  Lots of Family Guy news came out of the Family Guy panel discussion and interviews from Comic-Con 2013.  Family Guy ratings have been slipping over the last few seasons and MacFarlane has suffered some setbacks in his TV empire (The Cleveland Show, American Dad).  The Family Guy news that came out of Comic-Con shows that hopefully MacFarlane and company are going to re-engage with Family Guy and spend more time to bring it back to the quality show it’s fans deserve.  Head inside to read the Family Guy News.

It was announced during the Family Guy panel that they would be killing off one of the 6 main characters in the coming season.  There is lots of speculation which character it may be with most leaning towards Meg (voiced by Mila Kunis).  Here’s the panel discussion:


Most people think that it will be Meg with the thinking being that Mila Kunis might not want to do the show any more.  I’ve seen discussion that it might be Brian who meets his end as he is a dog who has lived a long time and it could be time for him.  I’ve also seen boards talking about the victim being Chris.  If I could pick one of the three, I’d pick Brian.  He is the most pretentious and annoying character on the show.  He’s a male/dog version of Lisa Simpson who is always preaching at us.  Funny thing is, the Brian character is voiced by Seth MacFarlane and Brian is supposed to be the closest representation of Seth’s actual personality and thoughts.  All the more reason to hope that he is killed off.

Who do you think will be killed off (or really, who do you hope will be)?

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simpsons family guy crossoverIt was also announced during the panel that there will be a crossover episode with Family Guy and The Simpsons next season.  In an episode titled The Simpsons Guy, Peter and the family will head out on a road trip which eventually lands them in Springfield.  For starters, that is one hell of a road trip since the Griffins live in Quahog, RI and The Simpsons live in Springfield, OR but fine, we will pass up that little detail.  In any event, it’s interesting that MacFarlane would do a crossover with The Simpsons.  He has made fun of that show since the beginning of his.  I guess with the ratings in decline, he will do pretty much anything to make news and bring people to the show.

Finally, a couple of big named guest stars were announced for the coming season.  Ashton Kutcher (who is currently dating Mila Kunis) will appear on the show next season as will Liam Neeson (who MacFarlane has also previously made fun of).

I’ll be curious to see how this season of Family Guy turns out.  I have been a fan of the show since the start and I still like the show.  I do think that MacFarlane spread hismelf too thin with the god awful Cleveland Show but now that that disaster is over, hopefully some focus can return to the main show of his empire.

Family Guy will premiere on Fox on September 29.  Stay tuned for more news as your intrepid reporter gets it.