Family Guy Kills a Character

family guyThe folks at Family Guy said at Comic Con that they were going to kill off a main character. Tonight, they made good on their promise and killed off a main character. Who was it? I won’t spoil it before the jump so if you haven’t seen the show yet, don’t head inside to find out.

brian griffinRIP Brian Griffin. Is that who you guessed would be killed? Many people thought that Meg would be the one getting killed because it’s thought that Mila Kunis doesn’t want to do the show any more. Even if that’s true, they can just hire another actor to voice Meg. Remember the first season? Mila Kunis wasn’t the voice of Meg. Lacey Chabert from Party of Five was originally the voice of Meg so they have already shown that they can change voice actors without any problems. I never thought it was going to be Meg getting killed because that would have been too obvious and Seth MacFarlane is smarter than that.

So they decided to kill off Brian Griffin. This is kind of a surprise to me because Brian is both figuratively and literally the voice of Seth MacFarlane. My bet was on Chris being the one that got killed off. He is voiced by Seth Green (Dads) who is busy with many other projects. His show Dads is awful and being put on hiatus by Fox and will no doubt be cancelled, but at the time of production, that wasn’t known. Green also does the show Robot Chicken on Adult Swim and if there is anything I want him to be focused on, it’s that show, I love it.¬†Anyway. Brian Griffin is gone and he seems to have been replaced by another dog, Vinny (voiced by The Soparano’s Tony Sirico) but I don’t think that character is going to be permanent.

Brian Griffin had his ups and downs for me over the years. There were times he was funny and there were times he was really annoying. The relationship between him and Stewie was the focus of many story lines so it will be interesting to see what direction the show heads in. My hope is that they are not doing this to create room to bring back the characters from The Cleveland Show.

I would love to give you a best of Brian Griffin video clip here for you to remember him by, but for some reason, the folks at Family Guy seem to have anyone who puts a video of their show on the internet murdered. It is impossible to find any Family Guy clips so you will just have to use your imagination.